Visual basic updating an xml dataset

oh and this is a sqlexpress 2005 mdf that has the table with the data in it if that makes any difference...

the combobox properties being used are data source, display member and valuemember - I'm still very green at this but also noticed a plus sign entitled 'databindings' above combobox name, but all are blank - will begin researching what those are all about next....

The child table will have only that record residing within the parent table.

When we create a foreign key constraint by default the cascade rule is applied when updating and deleting records from the parent table.

It can be done in code or, if you added the Data Set in the designer, then it can also be done in the designer. Machines) There's a difference alright, but not the one you seem to think there is.

You can either assign the Data Table to the Binding Source's Data Source property or else assign a Data Set to the Data Source and then the name of the Data Table to the Data Member. A Data Set is essentially an in-memory representation of a database.

Here I am showing a record in a Data Grid View from the database. Update the value of the Text Box and click the "Change" button.

If it's set up that way then any changes you make to the Data Table will be reflected in the Combo Box. Just as a database contains tables and relations between them, so a Data Set contains Data Tables and Data Relations.

That way the user sees a list of names they can choose and you can get the ID that corresponds to the selected name from the Selected Value property.

Now, in your situation, you should be binding your Data Table to a Binding Source and then binding that to the Combo Box.

Open Visual Studio 2010 and create a Windows Forms Application.

Add some UI controls and arrange them as in the following figure.

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To unblock a file, right click on it, and select properties, and then select the ‘unblock’ button.

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