Updating dns server nsd is not the configured local nameserver

This entry is in /etc/and I put the following syntax: Bind will still serve out all domain names when requested.

The above simply uses the ISP's dns server for lookups on the server.

3600 SRV Wildcard domains are widely used by blogging websites that allow users to create sub-domains upon demand; e.g., sites such as Word Press or Blogspot.

As it was recently announced that the maintainer of the bind package intends to withdraw support for bind10 in arch when it is released, I decided to move my own systems from running bind to running unbound as the recursive caching dns server in my laptops, and this package in combination with nsd as an authoritative-only dns server on one of the local network machines to provide local dns. r_id=10197 both look good compared the stats for bind at …

See: DNS_-_Bind9#Prevent_DNS_lookup_of_sub_domains Thats it! Try the same test on a different computer (your local one etc.). After looking at problems found here: realised bind9 was doing a lookup via ipv6.

Although ipv6 is enabled in my default debian install, there is no ipv6 network.

I understand that anyone already running bind will continue to be able to run that package but it will then become unmaintained and it is therefore worth migrating to supported packages that achieve the same functionality but with added security since separating the authoritative dns functions from those of caching and recursive dns allows one to tighten security on the authoritative server in a way that is not possible when running all dns functions within a single package such as bind.

A wildcard DNS record is specified by using a "*" as the leftmost label (part) of a domain name, e.g. The exact rules for when a wild card will match are specified in RFC 1034, but the rules are neither intuitive nor clearly specified. Several domain name registrars have, at various times, deployed wildcard records for the top-level domains to provide a platform for advertising, most notably Veri Sign for and with its (now removed) Site Finder system.Bind9 however does a lookup over ipv6 first, then times out and tries ipv4.Solutions: Disable ipv6 on Debian Sarge, or Disable ipv6 bind lookup, or use a different dns server for lookups. Check to see if the following is referenced in /etc/bind/vi /etc/bind/local //This file contains all local and changable info.; must the name of the name server used to register ; IN NS ns1.secondary nameserver. Config Master To setup the master (main or primary DNS server) the following must be added: The /etc/bind/slaves directory must be created, and also bind must be given permission to write to this slaves directory.

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(The "search domainname.com" allows you to ping/access subdomain names without typing in the entire address. zone "1.201.136.in-addr.arpa" ; //------------ End of ---------- vi /etc/bind/zones/zone //Begin file -------------------------------- $TTL 3h @ IN SOA ns. ( 2006120702 ; counter/ Serial ; in the format YYYYMMDDCC where CC - counter 1 to 99 20m ; refresh 15m ; Retry Interval 1w ; Expire 1h ) ; Negative Cache TTL IN NS ns.

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