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“I’m more appreciative of my good photo now that I’ve seen other people’s bad ones, too,” she says.

Before: “She doesn’t look terrible in it, but it’s definitely not showing who she is or what she looks like,” says Schwartz of Bullock’s original black-and-white side profile shot, taken on a city street.

“It seems a little too posed and planned.” That photo led to a few “flaky” matches who didn’t follow through.

After: In her new straight-on shot, Bullock’s long blond hair is draped over her left shoulder.

“As soon as I got that Tinder headshot, it was like, ‘Oh, people are finally responding,’ ” she says.

After snapping a few dozen pictures, Schwartz picks a winner: a charming shot that shows off Cieri’s winning smile.

Within a few days, Cieri has uploaded it to the front page of his profile on Tinder, the popular dating app where users judge you with a swipe. Ditch the selfies, because the era of the professional Tinder headshot is here. Schwartz, 25, put up a Craigslist ad and a one-page website,, over the summer as a goof after seeing how seriously his friends took Tinder.

But Max Schwartz, the professional photographer who is working out of his East Williamsburg apartment, just wants him to relax.

“Dude, your laughing ones are where it’s at,” he says.

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