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You can upload a mailing list or connect directly with Mail Chimp.

Just click “Create New Audience” in the Audiences section.

When they see the tag, they’ll be more likely to share your post with their fans, multiplying your reach by a ton! Tag conferences you’re attending, businesses whose articles you’re sharing, favorite clients, etc.

Everyone likes to get noticed, and they’ll remember that you were the one to put them in the limelight. #Hash it out: In a similar vein, Facebook has hashtags enabled and you might as well use them.

You should be using this data to see what you’re doing right, and then do more of it. Deliver shout outs with Facebook tagging: Including tags in your posts is a great way to broaden your exposure, especially when working with other organizations.

If you run a doggy grooming company and are giving away Petco squeaky toys, tag them with an @Petco.

However, do remember to focus on quality over quantity – every post should be of value, not just something thrown quickly together. This data is extremely valuable and ignoring it is like ignoring conversion tracking for Ad Words – it’s just plan silly!

Opting for sponsored stories basically means you are paying to increase the likelihood that these stories will be seen. When promoting a Facebook page, the automatic setup is for the ad headline to be the same as your page’s title. Your ads and sponsored stories stop showing once you hit your daily ad budget, helping your budget Facebook advertising rates based on each daily cycle.

You can opt in or out of sponsored stories in the left column of the ad creator tool. Instead of leaving it as-is, type out your own customized ad headline to make the ad more enticing. Using Facebook for advertising can help you promote a page, app, or even an event! Lifetime budget lets you select how much you want to spend over the entire span of time a campaign is scheduled to run. You can edit your campaign’s end date or budget anytime after the campaign has started running.

Aside from your social media image selection, the headline is one of the main ways your ad will make an impact (or fail to). Don’t forget that each campaign has a separate budget, so create a social media marketing plan to keep Facebook advertising prices within your comfort zone. While you can’t change your minimum daily spend limit (it’s set at ), you can change your daily ad budget, which ultimately is what really controls the cost of Facebook advertising. Add multiple images to a Facebook PPC ad for extra variety and to test how different images coupled with your ad text perform. Facebook advertising rules dictate that image-based Facebook ads that are set to appear in users’ news feeds won’t get approved if the text takes up more than 20% of the image space. Facebook recommends uploading an image that is 1200x627 pixels for your ads.

Images are a powerful tool you can utilize for creating engaging, eye popping Facebook ads. Posts and Facebook PPC ads with images get much higher engagement than those without, as they help your ad or post stand out from a flooded news feed. You can upload up to six images to accompany your ads at no extra cost. Facebook has a grid tool to help ensure that your image ad follows the guidelines, but as Jon Loomer has noted, sometimes you can get around this simply by moving your text around slightly. You’ll be provided with more specific image size recommendations depending on the type of ad you’re creating, but make sure your image is at least 600 pixels wide for appearing in the News Feed.

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