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When you’re in a different country to your own, successful dating can sometimes feel even more of a challenge.The best advice for any single expats in London is to get out there and enjoy yourself.Speed dating is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination.For those who are not yet familiar, this is basically an event where you get a short amount of time (generally about 5 minutes) to chat to other people.But what if you’re not looking to start dating online?What other options are there for expats in London to meet people?For example, there’s an expats singles club that currently (as of January 2016), has a membership of 446 people.There’s also a ‘Greek, Sexy and Single’ club, a ‘Highly Qualified Indian Singles’ club, ‘Indian Dating London’ and ‘French Girls in London’, amongst others.

Of course, as we briefly mentioned above, there may well be some cultural differences with dating in London as opposed to back home.

The thing about dating is to approach it with a degree of common sense.

If you like someone, and if they like you, that should well include a degree of respect.

The good thing about Meet Up groups is that you’re simply going along to a social event, not signing up for a one to one date with someone you’ve never met.

Of course, dating as an expat in London can always be carried out the old fashioned way – simply by connecting with people you meet in your everyday life.

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Dating for expats in London, be it for the long term single or the newly single, can seem a little daunting – especially if you’re from a country where the culture and ways of doing things are somewhat different.

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