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Culture shock is not only suffered by those who travel and live abroad.

They ride bicycles, drive cars (a very common thing for the educated Ghanaian woman these days) and do even hard jobs like motor mechanics and building constructors.If a person leaves home for the first time and goes to college, the new environment and experiences may be a shock to him.Globalisation has caused the transfer of foreign cultures into the country as a result of Ghanaians travelling abroad and getting consumed in the white man's culture.Another behavioural trend in Ghana was that drivers didn't wait for pedestrians.Today, there are clearly-marked zebra crossings where drivers will have to wait for pedestrians to pass.

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The Ghanaian culture is very liberal in many areas, so conservatism does not imply "covering one's whole body except the eyes." There are no 'religious or legal scouts' who will harass a woman for her clothes.

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