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What It Means: Where in formal writing “all right” is normally used, “alright” is a more casual way to respond affirmatively.If your friend asks if you want to watch a movie or tells you that they will be right back, you might use this response. ”What It Means: When something is so hilarious, this acronym comes in to let your recipient know that.What It Means: When someone is trying too hard and simply over the top, you might refer to them as “extra.” From Pop What It Means: This one is pretty simple.

What It Means: Very similar to “LMAO,” this acronym has you, yes, rolling on the floor in laughter instead of laughing your a** off.

But for those who do not: it is a noun to define a picture that you take of yourself.

Almost always captured with a mobile device, you can also take a selfie of you and another person.

Maybe you are trying to explain something to a friend who is not grasping it and you just want to dismiss the situation.

Basically, just use it as a way to say, “leave it alone.”What It Means: “Of course” is probably one of the most common phrases used in any environment.

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