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The Boston-born brothers (Dorchester to be exact) clearly had a thing for the spotlight, as Mark of course made it big as a rapper with Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch and later as an actor.But did you know that Mark was one of the original members of New Kids on The Block?

The Aussie brothers look exactly alike (though Chris is obviously more deliciously buff), and they actually have an older brother named Luke who acts as well. While Eddie Murphy was blowing up as a stand-up comedian and actor, his brother was serving in the Navy as a boiler technician.

When Da Brat was in jail, Lisa Raye kept people up-to-date on how she was holding up and Da Brat has been pretty vocal about how close the two really are.

You’ve seen his face, but you rarely see these two together.

But before all that, big sister Emily was the It-girl, getting a lot of attention for her work as Dr. Half-sisters, but who really introduces their siblings as such?

Anywho, Sommore the raunchy comedian, and Long, the gorgeous actress, share the same father.

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He was a member along with brother Donnie, Danny, Jordan and Jonathan Knight, but he eventually quit and Joey Mc Intyre took his spot.

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