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I heard Tes getting close as I worked over our new friend, but not for long as her thighs clamped down around my head and her hands forced my face deeper into her cunt, flooding me with her cum.

I looked down to see Tes grinning like the Cheshire cat around my cock, I would not be surprised if she hadn't set it up...

Her man got up and kissed her and said 'let's hit the hot tub' so she let me go, kissed Tes on each tit and padded off behind him...

Another visit, similar circumstances, we were just there on the bed playing around, working up to something and another couple stopped by and started chatting, she sat down on the edge of the bed by me and he crawled up next to Tes towards the center.

The ladies must have enjoyed it too as soon Sweet young thing was groaning and had her face between Tes' tits, no longer sucking but just taking the fucking she was getting and loving those big, soft tits against her face.

All too soon he started to grunt as he continued pounding her as Tes tightened up and coated my face while she held his balls as he drained them into sweet young thing.

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